WK 3. “Incorporating Multimedia Efficiently”: Digital Meeting Corporeal: Considering the Ups and Downs of Human Body in the Classroom

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the article, Miller suggests to avoid using colors as a means to convey meaning in texts or graphics. He argues since it is not usable by all the students and can be problematic for some, it is not a proper way for conveying meaning in a classroom. For instance some students with disabilities might not be able to take advantage of those features and get confused. In a different section, he asks the educators to get rid of anything unnecessary and change the sections that are too wordy or have too many images, to avoid confusing and distracting the students, specially the students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

As an instructor, it is important to be familiar with your students, their disabilities and sicknesses, and the potential problems. It is important to consider the non-perfect situation of human body and human conditions. There will be most of the time cases where a few students have missed a class or two for medical or other emergency reasons, or even have even missed or didn’t properly understand a part of the lecture, because of sitting at the back of the class or even not having full attention at the time or being a non-native English speaker. It’s easy to forget or ignore these when you are teaching. However, by taking those factors into consideration, when designing the class agenda, creating presentations or explaining the concepts, no matter if you use multimedia tools or not, the educators can make the class more efficient and comprehensible to more students.


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