The Arabian Nights(2014)

The Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman


Directed by Jeff Mills. Produced by Theater and Dance Department, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Dramaturge and Creative Consultant: Sahar Sajadieh

Reviewed by Santa Barbara’s “Independent”:



ArabianAct1_006 ArabianAct1_0241238252_10152203028409440_2278805412175085540_n ArabianAct1_029ArabianAct1_026   ArabianAct1_058ArabianAct1_041  ArabianAct1_092ArabianAct1_033ArabianAct1_063 ArabianAct1_074  ArabianAct1_102 ArabianAct1_109  ArabianAct1_119ArabianAct1_127 ArabianAct1_130 ArabianAct1_134 ArabianAct1_136 ArabianAct1_139

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