What Media to use in the class? Google Docs, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, Gauchspace, Second life, …?

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think it is very important to use the right digital media for the right purpose in the classroom. Many times educators can get excited about some digital media and try to impose using them in the class, even though they are not the best fit for that specific context. For example, if the contents that the medium can support are not in the level of the class, instead of being constructive, it can be disturbing for the students. Therefore, if the instructor wants to apply various media in the class, he/she should put a lot of effort in finding a suitable package. Even though the instructor should come with a proper set of tools (digital media and non-digital recourses) to the class, taking students’ suggestions into consideration can be also helpful.

The instructor should attempt to evaluate the level of familiarity of the students with relevant technologies for the class or even the common social media or applications commonly used by the students. He/she can also use students’ help and suggestions about the media and websites that they find relative and helpful for the class subject in a in-class exercise and discussion or take-home assignment and then do a broad research on those sites and technologies and again bring it to the class and discuss it with the student and use some of the ones that she/he finds relevant and helpful for some sessions or some exercises in the class. And in this way turn his/her fear and intimidation and even wrong estimation and expectation from the digital familiar and knowledge of the students into a positive educational approach towards the class.


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