Tip Top Tap (2017)

“Tip Tap Top”(2017)

by: Sahar Sajadieh and Shashank Aswathanarayana
“Tip Tap Top” is an interactive sound installation/performance piece as part of a therapeutic art project, “Creating Empathy Through Art”, funded by the Museum of Contemporary Arts Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. The artwork’s goal is to raise awareness about rape crisis and also to help the victims of sexual violence to express themselves and cope with the trauma.This is a participatory community art project, which gives opportunity to the victims to connect to their community and express themselves through arts, stories, and dialogues. “Tip Top Tap” is an interactive art platform that invites the participants to express themselves using their whole bodies, and play, dance, and make music (by themselves or in a group) with their clothes, bodies and personal objects. This artwork was exhibited in April 2017 at the People’s Park (in Isla Vista), Santa Barbara, CA.