About Sahar…

Sahar Sajadieh is a theatre director, media artist and performance artivist (artist/activist) and scholar, who was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from a dual degree program in Theatre (BA) and Computer Science (BSc) from The University of British Columbia and received her Master’s Degree from the Performance Studies Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Sahar is currently a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Technology program at UCSB. She is interested in multimedia interdisciplinary experimentation on theater and performance art and the creation of a universal performative language, which can speak beyond the borders of cultures and languages. She believes performance is a tool for the exploration of human identity, through the experimentation with the body and the space, and the interaction between them. Sahar is interested in performance as a model of analysis and in performance creation as a research methodology.

Additionally, she is interested in the implementation of digital technology in performing arts and the creation of an intelligent performance space, which interacts with the performer’s body. She also intends to study the human experience in different applications of new media, and simultaneously  design technologies that support emergent human rituals and interactions. Sahar’s research in his doctoral studies is on the application of Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality and Digital Media Technology in performance space. She wants to create and employ different digital agents, such as virtual actors, tele-present bodies, and projected video puppets to replace real human bodies on stage and experiment and analyze the impact of these applications on the spectators’s instigation of sensation and sympathy.

She has written, directed, and performed in several theatrical performances in New York, Vancouver and Tehran. Her last performing and directorial experience in New York City was “[[SuSpiciouS Pack-Cage!]]” at La Mama Experimental Theatre and in Santa Barbara was “GridLock” as a part of Media Arts and Technology End of the Year show.


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