Touch Me Here (2017)

Touch Me Here (or Virtual Touch Cinema)

This piece is a digital re-enactment of “Tap and Touch Cinema” by Valerie Export, which was performed in several European cities from 1968 to1971. In Export’s performance piece, she walks on street, wearing a cardboard box around her chest. She invites passers-by to extend their hands through the two hole of the cardboard and touch her breasts, while she creates a separation between the senses by eliminating the male gaze to her chest area using the cardboard box. Simultaneously, she reverses the power dynamic by gazing into the eyes of the male participant and challenges the position of female body in intimate interactions.

Touch Me Here (or Virtual Touch Cinema) brings focus to similar themes by re-enacting Export’s performance piece, using a digital painting application. Additionally it challenges the boundary between private and public by extending the intimate virtual interaction between the artist and the participant from the dark private performance space to the outside public space of the art gallery. This piece explores the fragmentation of sensation and emotion in (intimate) interactions using digital technology, after the human body going through the process of digitalization in telematic interactions in our digital era.