In reading in this week, I was thinking about our intimidation as educators and our potentially false expectation from the generation of students that we refer to as “digitally native”. First it made me think that many times the contexts that the younger students are commonly using the technologies and are familiar with are very different than the ones being applied for educational purposes. Therefore, we should make sure that our expectation from the students and their comfort with the digital technology in social media and in their daily interactions wouldn’t make us underestimate the necessary training for getting familiar with educational tools, both in terms of teaching their proper skills for specific applications and giving them enough time to get comfortable with them, before expecting them to use the “digital” tools comfortably in their HWs and projects. One method would be having in class trainings with proper written manuals at the very first session/s and also using in class exercises that would require applying those tools.

Additionally, the fact that we are dealing with a generation that is more tech-savvy than us should be taken into consideration in choosing the technologies and designing the class activities, instead of feeling threatened or intimidated by them. We should pay attention that this advantage that the new generations of students have can be used in the advantage of the class and the instructor, if it is addressed and taken advantage properly by the teacher. For example, the instructor should be more flexible with changing the materials and techniques duration the course and also changing evaluation methods accordingly, and also should try to constantly update himself/herself with the new technologies of the time.